PRIOR TO working in production, I worked in commercial post production as a post supervisor, online editor, and assist edit. While working in post, I helmed campaigns for Hot Wheels, BMW, X-Games and many, many more. Through that experience, I am tech savvy and I understand agency/client negotiations. I appreciate all the work that goes into completing a show.

ONE OF the projects of which I am most proud from my post life is “Act of Valor.” I coordinated the online and helped develop the workflow with an unbelievably talented group of people.

IN 2011, I discovered my love for production and decided to take a risk and dive in head first. I look forward to collaborating with passionate people to create meaningful work.

THAT’S ME with my great-great aunt Anna Rae. She was easily the coolest lady in Arizona.  She loved traveling, baseball, and awesome sunglasses. (I’m the one on the left)